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Unique Growing Region

The Magic Valley is internationally known as a unique pea and bean seed growing area. This six-county region of southern Idaho has made a name for itself in the agricultural world for seed production due to its great soils and rich water resources. In addition, Idaho has strict agricultural quarantine laws that regulate the importation of crops and seed stock into the state. These laws were designed to prevent the spread of weeds and diseases into Idaho. Our seeds are cleaner and safer because of these laws.

Soil Quality

Composed of rich volcanic ash, the soils of the Magic Valley in Southern Idaho are ideal for growing pea and bean seeds. Nourished by abundant water from the local mountains and rivers, these unique soils brought in professional farmers looking to grow a product that has become world renown.

Water Availability

The Snake River runs through the heart of the Magic Valley and feeds the irrigation system that delivers water to the majority of harvested cropland in the area.  In addition, a vast freshwater aquifer exists under the valley floor and feeds this irrigation network.


To grow pea and bean seeds, you need to have a dry climate to prevent rot and disease. Idaho’s dry climate, with long, warm, dry days and cool evenings provides the plants with the perfect growing conditions. In addition, cold winters control destructive pests and diseases.

Trust Building

We are members of ISTA, the Southern Seed Association, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, and the Idaho Bean Dealers Association.


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